We design and build beautiful interfaces and
user-friendly applications.

We specialize on outstanding user interface design and responsive web development. Our services range from planning, design
& development usability testing.

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We also design and art direct corporate branding and identity, exhibition and retail projects.

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    Nearest Neighbour is an application for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones.


    It let’s users to reach out to the items they need by sending a simple notification to people in their neighbourhood. Vice versa, they can earn by renting the items they don’t use at the time or their idling capacity. It is a simple, quick, effective, cost-efficient and environmental friendly way of fulfilling your needs!

  • relationwise_ipad-01 relationwise_ipad-02 relationwise_ipad-03 relationwise_ipad-04 relationwise_ipad-05

    Relationwise helps sales and marketing executives transform their businesses.
    With our innovative mobile solution, the measurement of customer loyalty becomes a
    daily asset that empowers staff at all levels to continually strive for new levels of excellence.

    • iPad, iPhone and Web Application Interface
    • Responsive Design
    • Frontend Development


  • amio-61 amio-68 amio-63 amio-65 amio-64

    AMIO is an interactive drawing tool we have developed for Sea Labs.


    AMIO brings together drawing, movement, and music into a new whole. It’s revolutionary because it combines camera capture and on-screen interaction in a musically new way.


    If you want to know more, send an email to: info@sea-labs.com